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Forex MAM Software for Brokers

Forex MAM Software for brokers

Forex MAM Software (Multi-account Manager) is a boon for brokers looking for offering managed fund services popularly known as MAM Account Service. Its also called Forex MAMM Software which is an abbreviation of Multi-account Management Module. In the past 2 decades, the online forex trading market has grown by leaps and bounds. It has reached all over the world and traders not only from developed countries but third world countries are participating by actively trading. When a market has such a large customer base, it cannot fulfill the requirement of different segments of customers with plain vanilla offerings. You need… Read More »Forex MAM Software for brokers


8 Ways How Forex Brokers Make Money

Ever wondered how do forex brokers make money. We are going to share 8 WAYS HOW FOREX BROKERS MAKE MONEY. Let’s start by understanding who is a Forex Broker. A Forex Broker is an intermediary between traders and large currency markets participants like banks and institutions. They provide retail traders a gateway to the vast forex market where USD 6.6 Trillion worth of trades takes place every day. We define a Forex Broker as an aggregator that brings trading platform, trading instruments like currency pairs, their live price feed, counterparties like Liquidity Providers, payment gateway, etc. together. They provide their… Read More »8 Ways How Forex Brokers Make Money

cTrader White Label

cTrader White Label; a comprehensive guide for brokers.

cTrader Forex Trading Software is developed by Spotware Systems Limited. For very long MetaTrader White Labels; MT4 & MT5 have enjoyed monopolistic positions in the forex trading software market. Any institution and forex broker who would want to offer currency pairs trading services to their client would blindly pick MT4 Admin License or its low-cost version MT4 White Label. The institutions and brokers got an option to go with multi-asset trading software MT5 White Label which is essentially an upgrade to MT4 only. It simply meant that the monopolistic position of MetaTrader White Labels remained unchallenged. But not for very… Read More »cTrader White Label; a comprehensive guide for brokers.

Forex PAMM Software

Forex PAMM Software

In the Forex Trading world, PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Method Module. Forex PAMM Software is used by Forex Brokers to offer managed fund services to their trader clients. Forex PAMM Software helps brokers to connect individual traders as investors with master traders. Master trader & individual traders allocate funds to a common pool which is ultimately allocated to Master Trader. Master Trader makes the traders using the common pool of funds. The profits and losses are distributed among the master and individual traders as per the percentage contribution to the common fund. Depending on the pre-agreed arrangement, Master Trader… Read More »Forex PAMM Software

Crypto Liquidity Providers for Brokers

4 Best Crypto Liquidity Providers for brokers

Crypto Liquidity Providers are the new breed of liquidity providers that cater to Crypto Brokers. With the advent of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency of the masses, crypto trading has got momentum and many forex brokers have started offering trading into cryptocurrencies as well. Crypto trading is so popular these days that several entrepreneurs have started crypto broker businesses. They offer Forex Pairs, Commodities, Metals, Bullion, Energy & Indices for trading as an additional offering while crypto trading remains their primary offering. Most forex liquidity providers have started offering Crypto Liquidity as well but the volatility and dynamism of the crypto trading… Read More »4 Best Crypto Liquidity Providers for brokers

Tier-1 Liquidity Providers

Tier-1 LIQUIDITY Providers

Tier-1 Liquidity Providers are the largest investment banks and financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, UBS, Barclays Capital, Citi Bank, RBS, JP Morgan, etc. of the world that are actually the market maker for the forex market. They offer bids and quote ask prices for the currency pairs and take the opposite side of the trades irrespective of the possibility that they may actually lose money if the price moves against their position. And even the beginners in the forex trading market know that one makes money trading currency pairs when the price moves. You make money when the price of… Read More »Tier-1 LIQUIDITY Providers

Forex Broker CRM Providers

5 Best Forex Broker CRM Providers

Forex Broker CRM Providers are the forex broker technology development companies that have developed broker admin or back-end and traders room or trader cabinet. Some of the turnkey forex brokerage solution providers have developed their own Forex Broker CRM while many of them just have partnered with the individual forex CRM developer or Forex CRM Software development companies. Forex CRM is usually a cloud-based solution that helps forex brokers to operate smoothly. A good and efficient Forex CRM is the backbone of a forex brokerage business operations. We have written about Forex CRM and its features in detail. Please read… Read More »5 Best Forex Broker CRM Providers

Forex Trading Software Companies

4 Best Forex Trading Software Companies

When you search for Forex Software or Forex Trading Software Companies online, you usually get the list of forex brokerage businesses companies that are offering either white label forex trading software or their own proprietary trading platforms. This proprietary trading software is either developed in-house or they have got it developed exclusively for themselves with all the licensing rights. Whatever may be the case, one thing is common and that is; these all companies are essentially forex brokers that offer online forex trading solutions to retail and institutional traders. Well, this blog is dedicated to the Forex Trading Software Companies… Read More »4 Best Forex Trading Software Companies

Forex Liquidity Providers

Forex Liquidity Providers

Forex Liquidity Providers are the market makers that ensure forex traders and brokers are able to enter into a trade and exit as and when they want. They essentially provide both bids and asks so that if a trader wants to go long in any forex pair has seller at prevailing price and if a trader wants to go short in any forex pair has buyer at the prevailing price. Forex Liquidity Providers as the name suggests ensures that the forex market remains liquid and traders can take positions without worrying about whether their orders will get filled and even… Read More »Forex Liquidity Providers

MT5 White Label Providers

MT5 White Label Providers

MT5 White Label Providers are the resellers or partners of MetaQuotes who has actually developed MT5 Trading Platforms. They own the MT5 Administrator License and are authorized to issue MT5 White Label to start-up forex brokers. Best MT5 White Label Solution providers are those that provide turnkey brokerage solutions right from company formation to bank account opening, forex license, MT5 Broker CRM, Traders Room, IB & Affiliate System, Forex Broker Website, Payment Solution of Forex Brokers, MT5 PAMM Software, MT5 MAMM Software, MT5 Trade Copier, etc. A complete forex brokerage solution can set an MT5 Broker free of technical stuff… Read More »MT5 White Label Providers