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Forex Social Trading Software

Social Trading Software for brokers & Pro Traders

Social Trading Software is developed for social trading service providers like Forex Brokers, Individual Professional/Master Traders, and online forums or websites. They can offer their social trading accounts with the help of this software or tool. This article is specially written for social trading service providers like Forex Brokers, Individual Professional/Master Traders, and online forums or websites. If you are either of these 3 or maybe someone else who intends to offer Social Trading Service, this article will give detailed knowledge of; How Social Trading works? Benefits of Social Trading Services Which Social Trading Software, tool or plugin you would… Read More »Social Trading Software for brokers & Pro Traders



Forex White Label Partnership is offered by large forex brokers to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own forex brokerage business with all the advanced features but at a much lower cost. In a previous article, we have already discussed the FOREX White Label Solution. We recommend you read it too. Modern online Forex Trading business runs over the foundations and structures of different brokerage technologies, forex trading software, and applications. When someone wants to start their own forex brokerage business, they need different forex trading software, applications, and other brokerage tools. They form the core infrastructure of any… Read More »ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FOREX WHITE LABEL PARTNERSHIP

White Label in FOREX

White Label in FOREX

White Label in Forex is a very popular term among the forex trading solution providers like brokers, forex signals providers, managed fund service providers, etc. We are sure you want to know what white label in FOREX is because either you are looking to offer some forex solution or service to traders or businesses or you are already running a forex business and looking to expand your services. We assure you that you are in right place. We are going to share everything you need to know about White Label in FOREX. Let’s start! What is White Label in FOREX?… Read More »White Label in FOREX

MT5 Manager API or MetaTrader 5 API

MetaTrader 5 or MT5 Manager API

MetaTrader 5 or MT5 Manager API helps MT5 brokers with the development of different custom forex software, web & mobile applications, and tools that help them operate their brokerage business efficiently and offer value-added solutions to their trader clients & partners. MT5 Admin & White Label comes with MetaTrader 5 Manager & Trading Terminals that have several state-of-the-art features that help both brokers and traders to work smoothly. Yet there are requirements at both forex brokers and traders levels that can’t be met with standard MT5 Manager & Trading Terminals. This gives the rise to the demand for third-party forex… Read More »MetaTrader 5 or MT5 Manager API


MetaTrader 4 or MT4 Manager API

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Manager API is the bridge between the MT4 Trading platform and third-party applications and helps establish a 2-way-communication channel between them. It is a true gift from MetaQuotes to the forex trading community including brokers, traders, developers, etc. Let’s understand it in detail. MetaQuotes launched the iconic forex trading platform MT4 in July 2005. And to date, it’s the most popular forex trading software. Despite the fact that MetaQuotes has stopped selling new MT4 Admin Licenses, MT4 still remains in high demand. Forex Traders & Brokers still demand MT4 trading software. During the initial months, brokers and… Read More »MetaTrader 4 or MT4 Manager API


MT5 Broker CRM; a comprehensive guide

MT5 Broker CRM is forex software that helps MT5 brokers in managing marketing, lead management, customer onboarding and running their day-to-day business operations smoothly and efficiently. A good broker CRM is essential for any business these days and the MT5 Brokerage business is no exception. Forex Brokerage Business is OTC (Over-the-counter) in nature and it’s inherently online or internet-based. Different forex software and tools like forex trading software, broker CRM, PAMM, MAMM, trade copier, etc. form the core infrastructure of any brokerage business. Technically an MT5 broker can run their business with just an MT5 Admin or White Label license… Read More »MT5 Broker CRM; a comprehensive guide

CFD Liquidity Providers

CFD Liquidity Providers

CFD Liquidity Providers take the opposite side of trades placed against CFD trading instruments by retail CFD Brokers, institutions, and individual traders with big volumes. CFD LPs provide seamless liquidity to CFD Trading venues and ensure that the traders are able to enter and exit into trades without any trouble. This article is written particularly for CFD Brokers or the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own CFD brokerage and run it on A Book. We will discuss the brief about the CFDs, who are the CFD liquidity providers, how they work, the difference between forex liquidity providers and… Read More »CFD Liquidity Providers

CFD White Label

CFD White Label

CFD White Label solutions are in great demand just next to Forex White Label Solutions. Same as Forex pairs; CFDs (Contract for Difference) too are OTC (over the counter) products that are traded in open markets without being under any regulator. Forex & CFD trading goes hand-in-hand and why not, after Forex Trading got traction, several stock traders started trying it. And when they got hang of it, they thought it would be great to be able to trade derivative instruments with the forex brokers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could trade forex pairs and derivative instruments with the… Read More »CFD White Label


MT4 CRM software for brokers

MT4 CRM is developed for forex brokers operating their brokerage business with an MT4 Admin License or MT5 White Label License. It helps MT4 Forex Brokers in managing the end-to-end operations of their business smoothly and seamlessly. For the uninitiated, let us share that the MT4 Trading Platform is over 20 years old. Yes! It was released 2 decades back by MetaQuotes and accredited to the humungous growth of online retail forex trading in the past 2 decades. And even if you are active in the forex market for just 6 months, you must have noticed that it changes rapidly… Read More »MT4 CRM software for brokers

Forex Trade Copier Software

Forex Trade Copier Software

In this blog, we will discuss Forex Trade Copier Software available for forex brokers, master traders, and marketers who want to offer Forex Trade Copier Service to their clients and followers. Forex Copy Trading service is very popular among retail traders as it allows them to not only stay in the forex market but make money as well. It has saved many forex traders from blowing their trading accounts and going out of the market forever. What is Forex Trade Copier Software? Forex Trade Copier Software is one of managed fund forex software that lets individual traders connect with master… Read More »Forex Trade Copier Software