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MT5 Broker CRM; a comprehensive guide

MT5 Broker CRM is forex software that helps MT5 brokers in managing marketing, lead management, customer onboarding and running their day-to-day business operations smoothly and efficiently. A good broker CRM is essential for any business these days and the MT5 Brokerage business is no exception.

MT5 CRM Software for Brokers

Forex Brokerage Business is OTC (Over-the-counter) in nature and it’s inherently online or internet-based.

Different forex software and tools like forex trading software, broker CRM, PAMM, MAMM, trade copier, etc. form the core infrastructure of any brokerage business.

Technically an MT5 broker can run their business with just an MT5 Admin or White Label license but to run a professionally run broker business that your target customers and partners can rely on indeed requires good MT5 Broker CRM Software.

There is just no other way.

What is an MT5 Broker CRM?

MT5 Broker CRM software works as a core business management tool for brokers. It helps an MT5 broker with every aspect of their business right from marketing & promotion, lead management, client registration, statutory checks like AML check, KYC, payment processing, exposure and risk management, customer service, marketing campaign management, partners like IBs & Affiliates management, reporting, profit and loss reports, etc.

What MT5 CRM software can do is practically endless. Anything that a customer needs or brokerage operations require can be integrated as a module in your MT5 Broker CRM.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a good MT5 CRM Software is the backbone of the retail Brokerage Business. We don’t have an iota of doubt about that.

Broker CRM is an important rather critical piece of forex software that an MT5 broker must have.

7 Modules of MT5 Broker CRM

I. Broker ADMIN Panel or back-end

MT5 Broker ADMIN Panel or back-end the war room an MT5 broker’s key managers. Everything is centralized at the MT5 Broker ADMIN Panel.

  • CustomerLeads are pooled here, different marketing communications and closures happen here
  • Entire customer on-boarding right from sign up, KYC, AML check, documents upload, approvals are taken from the broker back end
  • A payment module keeps a check of all the deposits received from different sources like cards, e-wallets, bank transfer, crytpo like BTC, USTD etc. are pooled checked and approved. Same way withdrawal requests are processed.
  • It has Role Management module that helps a broker to assign different roles and accesses to their team
  • Risks and exposure management modules keeps a live track of all open positions with bifurcation of A Book and B Book orders and their respective running profit and loss.
  • Customer service module helps brokers to respond to customer queries, complaints and feedback over emails, phone and live chat.

II. Traders Room or Traders Cabinet

MT5 Traders Room or Traders Cabinet is the client-side on the CRM panel which is assigned to a client as soon as they sign up. It’s a personal area for a client to update the profile and manage their trading account with the broker.

  • It has KYC and AML forms that help clients to share KYC details and upload requested docs. They can keep check of their status whether their KYC check is cleared and they can access the trading account.
  • Download module has all links to download MT5 Trading Terminal of their choice like MT5 Desktop Trading Terminal for Windows & Mac, MT5 Mobile Trading App; Android & iPhone, MT5 Web trader Link etc.
  • Payment module helps clients to make deposits and withdrawals as per their choice from the options made available by their forex broker
  • The Order Book gives shows the clients their trade history along with open and closed trades with profits and loss, charges etc.
  • Customer service tools like mails, live chat, phone numbers etc.

III. Partners Area for IBs & Affiliates

No MT5 Broker can grow and scale their business without a great team of forex IB partners and affiliates. Forex Introducing Brokers & Affiliates promote a forex brokers business and earn a commission on the deposits and trades placed by the traders introduced by them.

Not only the designated IB and Affiliate partners but individual traders can be deployed too for marketing with a Referral Program. They are assigned a unique referral link that they can share with their friends, family, social media followers and if anyone joins the broker by clicking the referral link, they are mapped under the clients.

Usually, a percentage of brokerage earned on trades placed by the introduced clients is shared with the referral clients.

Partners Area for IBs & Affiliates helps with;

  • The sign up for partnership program
  • Unique affiliate link generation,
  • Marketing material like banners posters, videos, GIF etc.
  • Reporting of how many clients have joined a particular IB or Affiliate
  • Earnings & Benchmarks
  • Rewards and promotional campaigns for partners
  • Periodic pay-outs to the partners
  • Service & Support via mails, live chat, phone calls etc.


MT5 PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a managed fund service solution for MT5 Brokers. It helps them offer PAMM Account to their clients.

MT5 PAMM solution is integrated with Broker CRM.

A broker can see which all clients have subscribed to the PAMM service, how much fund has been pooled to which master trader and how they are trading, and the performance. They get to deduct their commission and charges etc.

Clients or traders can subscribe to the PAMM Account, select the master trade, allocate the funds to the PAMM account, see the performance of trades, their profits and loss, etc.   


MT5 MAM (Multi-account Management Module) is another managed fund service solution for MT5 Brokers. It helps a forex broker to offer an MT5 MAM Account to their clients.

Most of the sub-modules of an MT5 MAM solution are the same as MT5 PAMM mentioned above.

The major difference is in trade management. While PAMM Account holders don’t have any control over trades, they can’t intervene in running trade, and funds are locked for a fixed duration; an MT5 MAM solution gives significant control to clients over their trades and their funds remain in their trading account only.

They can set their own parameters based on their balance, margin, volumes, etc. They can choose not to trade for a while and can stop the service whenever they want at will.

VI. MT5 Trade Copier

MT5 Trade Copier is another managed fund solution that allows forex brokers to offer copier services to their pro-traders and other traders who would want to copy the trades of successful traders.

Most of MT5 Trade Copier solutions features remain the same for forex brokers and traders similar to MT5 PAMM & MAM solutions.

But they get additional choices in terms of connection with multiple master traders and which trades to copy and with which parameters.

VII. Marketing & Promotion Module

The marketing & Promotion Module usually comes with some really advanced MT5 Broker CRMs. It’s not a standard offering.

Most of the other MT5 CRM just has the lead management module. Marketing & Promotion Module is a full-fledged solution that integrates different marketing tools like Good Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads analytics with your MT5 CRM.

A Broker manages different marketing and promotional campaigns like deposit bonuses, partners’ promotional banners and material, brochures, rewards programs, lead generation digital marketing, etc.

How does an MT5 CRM work?

MetaQuotes released the MT5 Manager API & MT5 Server APIs with the release of the MT5 Trading Platform.

These 2 MetaTrader APIs help developers to create different tools and modules that integrate with the MT5 platform.  

MT5 Manager API gives access to user creation, group, margin, instruments & leverage allocation, risk and exposure, trade placement, etc.

MT5 Server API gives access to Trade Servers that help developers to create managed fund solutions like MT5 PAMM, MT5 MAM, MT5 Trade Copier, etc.

An MT5 CRM connects and establishes a two-way connection with an MT5 Manager. This enables updates on Manager & User Terminals via MT5 Broker panel and traders room.

When a user account is created using MT5 CRM, an actual account is created on the MT5 platform, group, group, margin, instruments & leverage are assigned as per the trading account plan. MT5 Trading Terminal login names and passwords are generated all through the CRM.

And everything works seamlessly.

MT5 Broker CRM Cost

MT5 CRM Cost varies from developer to developer and is primarily based on which all modules are there.

Here is the standard MT5 CRM cost and advanced MT5 CRM cost;

Standard MT5 CRM Cost

A standard MT5 CRM comes with lead management, onboarding, role management, risk & exposure module, reporting, a payment module, IB and Affiliate modules with customer support modules.

A standard MT5 CRM cost USD 800 in set-up fee and USD 500 in monthly charges. This is the lowest cost we have noticed for an MT5 broker CRM.

Advanced MT5 CRM Cost

MT5 CRM Cost goes significantly up with value-added modules like MT5 PAMM, MT5 MAM, MT5 Trade Copier, Marketing & Promotion modules, etc.

An advanced MT5 CRM Cost includes USD 1500 for Set Up Fee and USD 2000 monthly charges.


MT5 CRM is the wonder forex software that brings together everything a brokerage business requires to a central point. As mentioned above MT5 CRM software is the backbone of a highly efficient forex brokerage business.

It helps forex brokers in managing their own operations along with their key stakeholders; their trade clients and IB and Affiliate partners.

A broker can have numerous custom features and modules added to their MT5 CRM. In fact, most of the current features and sub-modules are developed as per the demands and requirements of brokers and their clients.

Most Forex Brokerage Solution providers especially MT5 White Label providers offer MT5 CRM Software as well in their packages. You should ask for their demo and which modules suit you at what cost.

Our final recommendation on MT5 Broker CRM is that if you are planning to start your own forex broker business, do not skip MT5 CRM. If you have budget constraints, start with a standard MT5 CRM solution but do get one.

MT5 Broker CRM makes you look a professional and efficient business in front of your target customer and partners in addition to making your life much easier as an MT5 broker.

Wish you great success!

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