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MT4 White Label

MT4 White Label is the short name for MetaTrader4 White Label; a Forex Trading & Brokerage Solution developed by MetaQuotes Inc in year 2005. MetaTrader4 or MT4 is an electronic trading platform developed primarily for online forex traders’ community.

As anyone can download the MT4 Trading Terminal for free from MetaQuotes website and open a DEMO account, many assume that it’s a FREE Forex Trading Software. But to open a LIVE trading account and give live price feeds and make trades to make real money, one needs a MT4 White Label Solution.  

MT4 White Label comes with backend module for Forex Brokers and Trading Platform for clients or traders. It has flexibility to connect it with Live Market Feeds for currency pairs, CFDs, Gold, Silver, Crude etc. Since liquidity is critical for any brokerage to execute orders without delay, you can connect your MT4 White Label with your choice of Liquidity Provider.  

MT4 White Label Solution

Components of MT4 White Label

MT4 White Label Solution is a complete package that comes with different components for users/traders and brokers. Here is the list of some key components of MT4 White Label:

Back-Office Components

  • Risk Management Back-office, Dealing
  • Back-office API
  • System Administration
  • Manager Terminal
  • Administrator Terminal

Front-Office Components

  • Trading Terminal
  • Mobile Trading
  • Web Trading

Relevant Market Data Feeds

  • News
  • Quotes

Trade Gateways

  • Exchange Markets
  • Liquidity Providers


  • Main Server
  • History Server
  • Backup and report Server
  • Access Server
  • Trade Server

MT4 White Label Cost

If you are wondering how much you need to pay to get MT4 White Label for your brokerage business, here is the answer.

First and foremost, MetaQuotes doesn’t sell MT4 White Label directly. They sell MT4 Admin License for over USD 100,000 or more. MT4 Admin License is bought by;

  • Large Forex Brokers who want complete control and privacy of its business.
  • And resellers whose primary business is to provide turnkey forex brokerage technology solutions which include MT4 White Label, Broker CRM, Traders Room, Affiliate Module, PAMM, MAMM Software, Payment Gateway, Liquidity Providers, Forex Website etc.

There are 2 components to MT4 White Label Cost that you need to pay;

  • MetaQuotes Charges

One Time Set up fee: USD 5000

Monthly Charges:

Desktop Only: USD 1000

Desktop & Mobile: USD 1700

Desktop, Mobile & Web Trader: USD 2200

  • MT4 White Label Solution Providers Charges

The provider will add some mark-up for the MT4 Admin license fee that they had to pay and monthly charges along with some profit or else why would they run the business. But they provide some add on Forex Brokerage Solutions as well that help you run your business efficiently like Broker CRM, Traders Room, Affiliate Module, PAMM, MAMM Software, Payment Gateway, Liquidity Providers, Forex Website etc.

An MT4 White Label Solution Provider may charge USD 1000+ on set- up fee and USD 1500+ in monthly charges. That’s the minimum that we have seen MT4 White Label Solution Providers charging as mark-up which could go up be several thousands of US Dollars.

To conclude when you buy turnkey Forex Brokerage Solution with includes fully branded, MT4 White Label with USD Broker CRM, Traders Room, Affiliate Module, PAMM, MAMM Software, Payment Gateway, Liquidity Providers, Forex Website etc., it could cost you USD 5500+ in Set Up Fee and USD 3000 in monthly charges for Desktop & Mobile App.

What a typical MT4 White Label Solution comes packed with:

  • MT4 White Label; MT4 Manager
  • Trading Instruments like Currency Pairs, CFDs, Gold, Silver, Crude, Cryptocurrencies etc
  • Groups of Trading Instruments so that you can assign different groups to different set of traders
  • Broker CRM
  • Traders Room
  • Forex Broker Website
  • Affiliate & IB Module
  • PAMM Module
  • MAMM Module
  • Trade Copier
  • MT4 Liquidity Bridge that connects with Liquidity Providers
  • Payment Gateway
  • Most of MT4 White Label Solution Providers bundle these brokerage solutions in 3 packages that lets you start small and upgrade as you grow.

KYC Requirement with MetaQuotes

When buying MT4 White Label, you need to do KYC with MetaQuotes which is actually taken care of by your forex brokerage solution provider. Here is the list of docs and things that you need to furnish for KYC with MetaQuotes:

  • Company Registration Certificate.

Pro-tip: Company should be registered in a country that allows Online Forex Trading. If company is registered in country that doesn’t allow Online Forex Trading like India, it could be an issue.

  • Address Proof (Utility Bill)
  • Passport Copies (Front & Back) of key person(s)
  • Logo for MT4 White Label icon
  • Domain Name where your brokerage website will be hosted.

Pro-tip: Don’t use trade mark words like MT4, MT5, MetaTrader etc in domain name.

Payment Terms

Although you will find the details about MT4 White Label Solution online but you really get the details about Payment Terms which are must to know before you go further. Here is some very critical information on Payment Terms associated with MetaTrader4 White Label:

  • When choosing to get MT4 White Label for your brokerage solution, you need to pay both Set Up fee and Monthly Fee in advance. Some brokerage solution providers may agree for part payment but you need to pay both Set up fee and Monthly Fee from day 0.
  • Monthly Fee is expected to be paid in advance on or before 20th of every month.
  • MetaQuotes accepts payment through the reseller (solution provider) only. You cannot pay them directly.
  • In case you decide to switch the reseller or solution provider, you need to go through the same procedure as a new account with MetaQuotes. It means you need to pay Set Up Fee again along with Monthly Charges.

Timeline for complete set up and going Live with your own Forex Brokerage

  • Step 1 is to chose the package that looks suitable
  • Make advance Payment as per the agreed terms with provider
  • KYC process with MetaQuotes
  • Website Designing
  • Setting Up Broker CRM & Traders Room

After payment is credited to your brokerage solution provider’s account, the Timeline for complete setup and going Live with your own Forex Brokerage could be as low as 5-7 working days.

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