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MT4 & MT5 White Label price reduced by MetaQuotes [2021]

Good news for aspiring forex brokers! MT4 & MT5 White Label Solutions are set to become cheaper.

MetaQuotes has changed the prices for all new MT4 & MT5 White Label they will issue now. Hope you knew that MetaQuotes sells the MT4 & MT5 Admin Licenses which can further issue fully branded MT4 & MT5 White Label licenses.


Old Charges of MT4 & MT5 White Label Licenses

  • Set Up Fee: USD 5000
  • Monthly Fee:
    • USD 1000 for Desktop Trading Terminal
    • USD 750 for Mobile App
    • USD 500 for Web Trading

Earlier a client used to have an option to opt for either of Desktop, Mobile or Web Application. They could buy a combo as well. So the lowest monthly charges paid to MetaQuotes were USD 1000.   

New Charges of MT4 & MT5 White Label Licenses (2021)

  • Set Up Fee: ZERO
  • Monthly Fee: USD 3000 for Desktop Trading Terminal, Mobile App & Web Trading

Now, you will get all 3 trading platforms whether you want all of them or not. There won’t be an option to opt for either of Desktop, Mobile or Web Application. So the lowest or rather flat monthly charges paid to MetaQuotes are USD 3000 now.  

A point worth noting is that these were just the MetaQuotes charges. You would buy an MT4 or MT5 White Label Solution from a Forex Brokerage Solution Provider. They would add their charges as well.

What we have noticed that they would usually add anything from USD 1000 to USD 5000 on top of MetaQuotes charges depending on what additional forex software, services and tools they are offering.

Most of these forex brokerage solution providers are actually turnkey brokerage solution provider who would help you in setting up and running your own forex brokerage business.

They would take care of everything right from the company formation, bank account opening, forex license, MT4/MT5 White Label processing, Broker CRM, Traders Room, IB & Affiliate Software, Payment Gateway Integration, PAMM Software, MAMM Software, Trade Copier Software, Liquidity Providers, FIX API integration, Liquidity Bridge, Plugins, custom development, forex website designing, risk management tools etc.   

What does MetaQuotes’ intend to achieve with this?

Look, it’s pretty straight. Every business runs for profit and their managers endeavour to increase the profits and MetaQuotes is no exception.

  • Waving of USD 5000 is a significant move. It reduces the start-up cost for forex brokers.
  • Yes! Your argument is valid too that some of this reduction is set off by the higher monthly charges in longer term but the initial cost should come down significantly.
  • Most of start-up forex brokers usually had to cough up minimum USD 7500 to USD 10000 in the very first month right before even starting. One can expect the initial cost to go down by USD3000 to USD 4000
  • MT4 or MT5 Grey Label Solutions are in high demand due to their lower cost. The people who would go would go with MT4 or MT5 Grey Label Solution might consider taking the MT4 or MT5 White Label Solution.
  • Existing MT4 or MT5 Grey Label brokers should consider upgrading to a legit MT4 or MT5 White Label Solution.

It looks pretty interesting and lets see how the forex brokers get the benefits. Ultimately, its them only who are driving the forex trading markets.

Its forex brokers only that ring traders to the platform and get them to trade. They generate the revenue which ultimately goes to different parties like the brokerage solution providers, liquidity providers, forex software development companies like MetaQuotes.

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