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3 Best Forex Trading Software Companies

When you search for Forex Software or Forex Trading Software Companies online, you usually get the list of Forex brokerage business companies that are offering either white-label Forex trading software or their own proprietary trading platforms.

This proprietary trading software is either developed in-house or they have got it developed exclusively for themselves with all the licensing rights.

Whatever may be the case, one thing is common and that is; these all companies are essentially forex brokers that offer online forex trading solutions to retail and institutional traders.

Well, this blog is dedicated to the Forex Trading Software Companies whose business is developing innovative Forex trading software. They sell the Admin & Server licenses to forex brokers and forex brokerage solution providers.

Forex Trading Software Companies

Some companies sell the Forex White Label Solution directly and some sell them through their resellers.

None of them run their own forex brokerage business and their sole business is developing forex software and selling or licensing them to forex brokers either directly or through partners.

Here are Forex Trading Software Companies:

Spotware Limited a Forex Trading Software Development Company 1

 Spotware Systems Ltd.

Spotware Systems Limited is one of the renowned Forex Trading Software Companies in the Forex market.

cTrader developed by Spotware Systems Limited is a true contender to the most popular Trading Software which enjoyed a monopolistic position for a long time but not anymore.

But no company is perfect nor is the software developed by it. They did have their challenges and cTrader does fill the gap.

cTrader is a sleek and fast forex trading software. The best part about cTrader is that its charts are super clean, and have more timeframes and designing tools. They have Broker CRM and Algo Trading tools as well.

Developing Algos or automated trading bots on cTrader is easier as it’s done using c# which is a popular language.

Spotware has developed several Forex Trading Software and tools for brokers, banks, institutions, exchanges, retail traders, and developers like cTrader®, cAlgo®, cBroker®, cMirror®, cXchange®.

Utip Forex Trading Software Development Company

UTIP Technologies Ltd.

UTIP Technologies Ltd was founded in 2006 with the sole aim of developing easy-to-use and simple forex trading software for forex brokers and traders. All the forex trading software available at that time was complicated and not that easy to use. They intended to make forex brokers and traders’ life easier.

Today, they boast of more than 200 clients all over the world and 70 employees.

UTIP Technologies Ltd. is a true end-to-end Forex Brokerage Solution Provider. They not only have developed Forex Trading Software but they also have Forex Broker CRM, Traders Room, Affiliate Room, and Pro Trader.

They also provide Company Formation Services along with Website Development. So with UTIP Technologies, you need not worry about different services and solutions. You will get everything from them.

They have Crypto Trading Software solutions as well.

Match Trade Technologies Limited a Forex Trading Software Development Company

Match Trade Technologies LLC

Match-Trade Technologies LLC is based out of Irvine, California with several offices across the world. They are a fully integrated Forex and Cryptocurrency technology provider and provide turnkey Forex brokerage solutions, trading solutions for ECN Venues, Liquidity Providers and Crypto Exchanges.

They offer Forex White Label Solutions as well along with Broker CRM, Liquidity, Payment Solutions, etc.

Sensing the need for a low-cost Forex White Label Solution for entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own forex broker business but are low on budget, the Match-Trade team has developed a state-of-the-art Forex Trading Software called Match Traders.

Match Trader has all the features and functions of a great Forex Trading Software like charting tools, price feed, matching engine, data security etc and it can be connected with the liquidity providers. The best part about Match Trader is that it is a low-cost forex white-label solution.

Closing Words

Hope this blog gave you clarity about the true forex software development companies that are just into the development of forex software and tools for brokers, banks, exchanges and traders.

We would like to reiterate that these forex software development companies solely focus on software development and their core business. None of them operate their own brokerage or investment business.

So there is no conflict of business interest when someone is looking for brokerage or trading software and tools for their business.

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