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5 Best Forex Broker CRM Providers

Forex Broker CRM Providers are the forex broker technology development companies that have developed broker admin or back-end and traders room or trader cabinet compatible with most of the popular forex trading platforms.

Some of the turnkey Forex brokerage solution providers have developed their own Forex Broker CRM while many of them just have partnered with individual Forex CRM developers or Forex CRM Software development companies.

Forex CRM is usually a cloud-based solution that helps forex brokers to operate smoothly.

A good and efficient Forex CRM is the backbone of a forex brokerage business operation.

We have written about Forex CRM and its features in detail. Please read the following blog to know about Forex CRM in detail.

Forex Broker CRM Providers

Here is the list of the 5 best Forex BROKER CRM Providers

Founded in the year 2008 by four friends, Leverate is one the largest Forex Brokerage Technology & Solution Providers headquartered in Tel Aviv. They have offices all over the world like Limassol, London, Shanghai, Bulgaria, and Romania. It gives them access to the largest part of the global forex trading industry.

They have developed an advanced broker-oriented Forex CRM; LXCRM which is built for performance, with smart dashboards, allows easy integration with third-party solutions like affiliate systems, emailers, SMS, etc keeps track of performance, and comes with different levels of control accesses.

They might look too big and expensive on the face of it but if you are really looking for some high-quality Forex Broker CRM Providers, you must get their DEMO.

Dynamic Works SyntelliCore; one of best Forex Broker CRM Provider

Dynamic Works SyntelliCore

Founded in 2003 Dynamic Works is a Cyprus-based Forex Brokerage Technology company that has a dedicated business of providing Forex Broker CRM Software called SyntelliCore. They have their offices in Limassol & London as well.

SyntelliCore is packed with advanced rich features like Dynamic Reporting, Integration with popular Trading Platforms, Lead Management and Automation, Customer / Account Management, Maintain Compliance, Marketing Automation, Multi-Tier IB System, Information Security, Auto KYC & AML, Expandable, and scalable CRM through the App Store, MiFID II/MiFIR Reporting, Zendesk Tracking, Campaign Module, etc.

Dynamic Works is among the leading Forex Broker CRM Providers.

IconFlux; a Forex Broker CRM Provider in India

IConflux Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in the year 2012; IConflux Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is an India-based technology company that provides various software solutions. They offer Forex Broker CRM as well. So if you are looking for Forex Broker CRM Providers in India, you can connect with them.

Their integrated Forex CRM solution helps Forex brokers to streamline their brokerage operations, manage day-to-day tasks, provide service to their clients, and automate office work seamlessly. With their dedicated broker-end and client-end platforms, managing brokerage operations becomes hassle-free, seamless, and paperless.

You may want to contact them for a DEMO and check for yourself!

ClickaCRM is run by a team of online sales, marketing, and call center management experts. They firmly believe that the right combination of big data, AI, and lead enrichment will maximize your brokerage business’ true potential.

They have a team of 30 developers working for 5 years developing state-of-the-art Forex Broker CRM.

ClickaCRM essentially is their broker side admin whereas they have a trader room called ClickaTrader. They do have modules of brokers partners like IBs & Affiliates. ClickaCRM & ClickaTrader are feature-rich solutions.

You can ask for a FREE Demo from them.

TradeSoft is a Dubai-based forex brokerage technology company that provides turnkey brokerage solutions to start-up brokers and running brokers.

They have Forex Broker CRM Solution called FXOD CRM. It’s a complete forex CRM that comes with Broker Back-end, Traders Cabinet, IB Portal, Lead & Client Management, Payments (Deposit & Withdrawals), Bonus Plugin, Fund Management Solutions like PAMM & PAMM. We must say looking at the features that its a complete forex broker CRM in its own right.

Check for their DEMO and find put good their forex CRM really is!

How to decide which Forex Broker CRM Providers to go with?

Now the most important question is how to decide which Forex Broker CRM Providers to go with. And this is a little tricky question especially when you are starting a forex brokerage business as you have little to no knowledge of brokerage ops.

Don’t scratch your head or worry too much. Just contact 4-5 different forex broker CRM providers and ask for their features and pricing.

Most of these companies give free demos; do take them and understand who is offering what at what cost. By the time you are done with your 4th demo, you will have a fair idea of what they are offering and what exactly you would need.

Don’t go overboard and start with the Broker CRM that has the features you need now and may need in the future. Just check with them if you need more features in the future would they be open to developing them for you?

And don’t forget to negotiate the Forex Broker CRM Cost. There always is room for discounts.

Final Note

Forex Broker CRM is the second most important Fx brokerage solution after the trading software that you need to have when you are running a brokerage business.

A Broker CRM is truly the backbone of your Forex Brokerage business operations. You as a broker and your team are going to spend most of your time on this piece of forex brokerage solution that handles every aspect of your brokerage business.

Wish you the best!

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We will definitely look into them.

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