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cTrader White Label; a comprehensive guide for brokers.

cTrader White Label is developed and marketed by Spotware Systems Limited.


Spotware Systems Limited launched cTrader Trading Software in the year 2010. Ever since its release, cTrader has been a major challenger to other forex brokerage platform developers.

We will discuss the differences between cTrader and other mainstream forex trading platforms later.

Let’s first learn more about cTrader White Label Solution!

How do Brokers, Institutions, and Technology Providers get a cTrader License?

Spotware sells cTrader Admin or Server Licenses to Brokers, Institutions, and Technology Providers who want to have full access to all the modules and systems of cTrader Trading Software. They are authorized to further sell the cTrader White Label Licenses to forex brokers.

Typically an entrepreneur that’s looking to start forex brokerage at a low cost would want to go with the cTrader White Label solution as it’s cheaper than the cTrader Admin License. Even an established Forex Broker may opt for cTrader White Label Solution in case their clients demand it or may they just want to show more options of trading platforms.

Hope it’s clear to you that if you are looking for a cTrader White Label, you need to get it from someone who owns cTrader Admin License.

What is cTrader White Label Solution?

cTrader White Label is a second-level license for forex brokers issued by the cTrader Admin License holders at a nominal cost. A cTrader White Label gets the groups, trading instruments like currency pairs, indices, metals, energy, bullion, etc as per their agreement with the cTrader White Label provider.

cTrader Admin Licenses have their own accesses, authorizations, and settings as per the agreement entered into with Spotware while purchasing the cTrader Server License. White Labels may get access to some or all of these environments only.

Two key elements of cTrader White Label delivery


As explained above, every cTrader Admin license has its own cTrader Server environment with authorizations and accesses. Technically cTrader White Label is a sublicense that is set up in one of these cTrader Server environments with a set of cTrader graphical user interfaces (GUIs).   

The cTrader White label user gets to access the services and settings associated with that particular admin or server environment.

A single cTrader server environment can support several cTrader white labels thereby giving a great revenue stream to cTrader Admin License holders. This ultimately helps cTrader White Label brokers as they can get competitive pricing due to cost distribution to several other white label brokers.


The cTrader Admin license owner has complete access and control over this environment. They enjoy absolute authority over everything and maintain the responsibility of managing the access rights assigned to their cTrader white label brokers.

They also have full access to all areas, and keep ultimate control of liquidity, symbol and price quotes settings, etc.

Features of cTrader White Label

Here are some noteworthy features of cTrader White Label:

  • Fully Branded
  • Full market depth
  • Advanced charting
  • Customizable platform layout
  • True limit order functionality
  • Automated trading capabilities
  • A Book Only

Benefits of cTrader White Label

Here is a list of some remarkable benefits of cTrader White Label:


Offering a white label on the cTrader platform is more economical than being a direct customer of Spotware. Additionally, you can take advantage of our cross-connected technology infrastructure at no additional cost.

Quick Setup Process

Scandinavian Capital Markets and Spotware have a long-standing partnership. Our two firms provide a quick and efficient process to get you up and running quickly.

Platform Diversity

No longer do you have to only offer a single platform. The dedicated following of cTrader followers gives you an advantage and allows you to diversify your offering to cater to those traders.

Full Control

Unlike other white labels where you must go to the white label provider anytime you want a group set up, new manager, or customer price feed, the cTrader white label providers you full control. You can create your own groups, set up your own pricing streams, create your own cBroker Managers, and a host of other features at your disposal that do not typically come with other platform white labels.

cTrader White Label Cost

cTrader White Label Start-Up package comes with cBroker Suite, Client Office, LP Connection, Equities & up to 500 symbols.

There are 3 components to cTrader White Label Cost:

  1. Set Up Fee: USD 3000
  2. Monthly Support & Volume Fee: USD 2000
  3. Margin Amount/Collateral to LP: USD 5000

cTrader White Label v/s Other Forex White Label

There are significant differences between other Forex White Label and cTrader White Label. Some of the prominent differences are as follows:

Order Execution

While other Forex white labels allow Forex Brokers to run A Book, B Book, and C Book depending on their own preference, with cTrader White Label, a broker can only run A Book.

Liquidity Provider

As you read above cTrader only allows A Book trade executions, a broker must connect with a Liquidity Provider that too with cTrader Liquidity only.

They have no other choice, unlike other Forex White Labels where a broker may decide not to work with a Liquidity Provider and even if they do, they can choose the Forex liquidity provider of their own preference.

Trading Terminal

Other trading terminals haven’t seen much improvement in the past 2 decades, they are still plain and simple. And don’t take us wrong, they are amazing and people like simplicity.

cTrader’s Trading Terminal looks sharp and much customizable and sharp. This is just our opinion based on using both platforms and talking to traders who have worked with other fx trading platforms and cTrader.

Custom Plugins Development

Other popular trading platforms are very flexible with third-party plugins. So if a Forex Broker needs an additional feature or function, they may opt for a plugin developed by a third party.

In the case of cTrader, all the new features and functions are developed by the Spotware team only. As a cTrader White Label broker, you can only make a request to them. This makes cTrader a much-closed community.


To conclude this comprehensive guide on cTrader White Label, we would say that if you are allowing for an alternative to other popular Forex White Label Solutions, it’s your best choice.

If you are looking to run an A Book brokerage and want perfect solutions, cTrader White Label is best as you get all the software, tools, plugins, etc developed by the Spotware team only.

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