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About Us

About Us is the brainchild of traders, investors and Fintech enthusiasts. We see a great deal of need for a directory or market place where all Forex businesses, companies, consultants and professionals. We intend to make a Forex Industry Marketplace where different participants could come together and work with each other.

Every ecosystem needs different stakeholders and participants for it to not only grow but flourish. Every robust ecosystem must provide fair opportunities to different participants to not only work together, but compete with each other to provide better products, solutions, services etc to the target customers. 

This helps everyone to benefit right from businesses, regulators, professionals to end customers and economy at large!


To accelerate the world’s transition to Digital Forex Trading.


To be the catalyst of growth in the FOREX Market by providing platforms and solutions that help different stakeholders to connect with each other and create synergies.

Let’s create the largest Forex Marketplace together!