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Why must forex brokers charge a swap fee?

If you are a forex broker you must have been asked for a SWAP free trading account from your trader clients and IB partners. Swap Free trading accounts work like charm when it comes to new client acquisition. They are literally the new trader’s magnet! But if Swap-Free accounts are so great, why are we encouraging you to charge a swap fee? That’s what we are going to explain in this blog. Forex Brokers make money in different ways and charging swap fees is one of them. We have discussed them in great detail in this blog: 8 Ways How… Read More »Why must forex brokers charge a swap fee?


Forex Broker Payment Solutions

So you have made up your mind to start a forex brokerage business and have sorted out everything like company formation, forex license, forex white label, website, etc. and the final thing that remains is the payment solution that you would like to offer to your clients? You need to choose from different FOREX BROKER PAYMENT SOLUTIONS. We understand why you are searching for information about the payment methods for your forex brokerage business. The KYC requirements and approval process make everyone anxious especially when you hear the stories of how a Forex Merchant Account with large deposits in it… Read More »Forex Broker Payment Solutions

Forex Company Formation Process, Documents Required, Fee & other Charges

Forex Company Formation Guide for Brokers

So you have decided to start your own forex broker business! Congratulation! Forex company formation is the very first step in the process of forex brokerage business setup. Every legit business needs a registered company. When someone plans to start their own forex brokerage business, they are required to work on the business plan, the services offerings, target customers, revenue model, technology and other infrastructure, seed capital, budgeting, etc. It gives a roadmap about how to set up your own fx brokerage business. All these things are on paper but to make the dream of a forex brokerage business real… Read More »Forex Company Formation Guide for Brokers

Forex Turnkey Solution

Forex Turnkey Solution

Forex Turnkey Solution is the fastest and cheapest way for an aspiring individual or group of entrepreneurs to set up and start their forex brokerage business within 2 weeks’ time; that too without required to have much technical knowledge and involvement.   Forex Turnkey Solution helps you to start your forex brokerage on the go. It is in the literal sense is the fastest way for you to start your fx brokerage business hands-off. When an individual or a group of people intend to start their own forex brokerage business, they usually have a limited budget and technical expertise; on… Read More »Forex Turnkey Solution


Forex Arbitrage Software

Forex Arbitrage Software helps traders to make money by exploiting the inefficiencies in different forex pairs being traded in different markets. It is also known as Forex Arbitrage Bot or Forex Arbitrage EA (Expert Advisor). Arbitrage might sound like technical jargon to you but at its core, it’s one of the oldest forms of trading. You buy something from a market at one price and sell it at a higher price to someone else in another market. The price difference is the profit that you generate from this arbitrage activity. Forex Arbitrage Bot or Forex Arbitrage EA automates the entire… Read More »Forex Arbitrage Software

MT4 Trade Copier

MT4 Trade Copier for Brokers

MT4 Trade Copier is the savior of retail forex traders who want to make money trading into forex with the lowest risk. It helps them make profits with low risk which comes when they trade themselves with little to no knowledge of forex trading. MT4 is the most popular forex trading platform and millions of retail traders use it to trade into forex. We have been talking about different forex software and solutions in different articles primarily focused on brokerage business managers. Our intention has been to impart the best knowledge about different turnkey forex brokerage solutions, their features, how… Read More »MT4 Trade Copier for Brokers

MT5 Trade Copier

MT5 Trade Copier

MT5 Trade Copier is one of the most popular forex software among traders who don’t have much confidence in their own trading skills and want to make money by copying the trades of profit-making traders. As the name suggests this trade copier software works within an MT5 Trading Platform. Meta Trader 5 aka MT5 platform is an upgrade to the legendary MT4 trading platform. While MT4 was developed solely for forex trading purposes, MT5 is a multi-asset trading platform where you can trade forex pairs, exchange-traded instruments, CFDs, bullion, derivative like futures and options, etc. MT5 copy trade software has… Read More »MT5 Trade Copier


Forex Liquidity Aggregator

A Forex Liquidity Aggregator is the brokerage or Fintech company that provides fx liquidity aggregation solutions wherein a trading platform is connected with different liquidity providers for seamless price quotes and order filling. The intermediaries like Forex Brokers, Hedge Funds, and Institutions are actually the front shops that interact with the trader’s community and provides them different trading solutions like self-trading accounts, forex signals, managed fund services like PAMM, MAM, Trade Copiers, etc. They work for the forex traders and their business success solely depends on providing transparent, fast, and low-cost trading solutions. OTC Forex Trading Market has grown by… Read More »Forex Liquidity Aggregator


MT4 Liquidity Bridge for Brokers

MT4 Liquidity Bridge is an essential MT4 API that ensures the traders are able to access the best liquidity for the trading into their favorite forex pairs, indices, energy instruments, etc. So if you are an MT4 Broker and want to run an A Book brokerage, you must look for an efficient MT4 Liquidity Bridge that will connect you with the best forex liquidity providers. Liquidity is the lifeblood of a flourishing forex trading platform. It ensures traders get access to the best live price quotes for their favorite trading instruments and their orders are executed at the fastest speed… Read More »MT4 Liquidity Bridge for Brokers


Forex FIX API for Brokers

Forex FIX API helps brokers to offer FIX Trading to their clients (forex traders). Liquidity is very essential for the smooth functioning of a forex brokerage business. It helps forex traders to enter and exit the trades in their choice of the trading instrument with ease without undue delays in order filling and at low cost. Much success of a forex brokerage business largely depends on its liquidity or order execution method like A Book, B Book, and C Book. Execution of traders’ orders via a Forex FIX API is considered to be the best as it’s open, organic, and… Read More »Forex FIX API for Brokers